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Part 198: Dwarves

Investigation team, go!

Oh hey, it's that guy who whined a bunch when we sacrificed a thrall. May a more interesting noble spawn to take his place.

Literally everyone except Jorator says this, in these exact words, on the population screen. Even the trickster. Maybe you guys were right when you said to accept children along with new farmers.

Come one, come all! We need people really, really badly! Also, Jarolor and Elmalandti continue to stress how we're low on children here. Today is the day that I found out that it is, in fact, possible for your clan to have too few children.

Oh god Jarolor, don't get yourself killed. We need you to trade stuff!

Dammit Harvar. I'm blaming you for this.

Holy shit that's a lot of horses.

I am so glad the horse-spawn only ever burn down the watch tower.

One large population boost? How nice of you, Dorasa. Except for the part where you complained about us not having enough farmers immediately afterwards.

More weaponthanes are always needed.

Case in point.

I take a moment to see if a new noble has spawned, and one has! Too bad he's a completely unremarkable Chalana Arroy worshipper.

Time for a raid to see if we can get any new thralls for the clan.

No captives, but we still got loot.

Wait, their chief was Ortossi? Good thing the goons never caught on to that.

Rhino riders? That's a new one.

Turns out that rhinos fucking hurt.

Better get some guys out to the NW already.

The exploration party you sent to the disused mine returns to report a remarkable series of events. They fell down a hole in the shaft and found themselves in the middle of a community of Mostali, or dwarfs. (There were humans there too, ones who acted just like dwarfs.) The underground kingdom is called Dwarf Mine. The dwarfs told your explorers they were "ahead of schedule", which seemed to please them. They even gained an audience with the King of the Dwards, Isidilian. After Isidilian asked them many questions, they were allowed to leave.

-Sacrifice to the gods for protection from dwarfs.
-Send a trade delegation.
-Send gifts to Isidilian.
-Spread the news to other clans.
-Send Brenna to take a treasure from them.

The first few moments of contact between Orlanthi and dwarfs will determine relations between our peoples for centuries to come.

They are foreigners, and we can't expect them to behave well. Our neighbors will appreciate good warning.

Dwarfs can be fearsome opponents. They have peculiar and powerful weapons.

The dwarfs may not be Orlanthi, but everybody is happy to get a gift.

Legend has it that dwarfs consider generosity and trading to be heretical.

Cows eat dwarfs, who are deathly afraid of them.

The dwarf's dead god Mostal was foe to Orlanth, because Mostal hated change, and Orlanth is the son of change.