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Part 199: Death of Brenna

"Send Brenna to take a treasure" is actually what Elmalandti's recommendation is according to the game highlighting, so it must be right! Goons are geniuses! (although Brenna herself wasn't keen on that, I'm sure that doesn't mean anything.)

I was torn between whether to send very few guards since this is likely a stealth mission or whether to send a lot so that Brenna doesn't die if the dwarfs catch us. I go with the standard exploration party size as a compromise. Hey, she's a trickster, brute force isn't her style. And if the only race in Glorlantha with access to gunpowder wants us to die, the only difference a larger party will make is how many corpses are left in their mines.

Oh god everyone is going to kill me for not sending our entire army with her. We also lost a point of magic for this.

According to the last LP, choosing this option is a Very Bad Idea. I think the only reason Garstal survived(with a smaller guard, no less!) then was that he had awesome stats. It doesn't help that we're the Perpetual Bad Luck clan. So really, this is the fault of everyone who voted for this option. It also means that Elmalandti was wrong for once; old age must be getting to him. I usually leave the dwarfs alone in my own game, so I don't know if it's even possible for this option to succeed.

The Blue Jays are suing for peace already. They're offering 24 cows for two years of peace. I have no idea who the hell we're going to raid if we accept, because the Vostangi are still paying their annual tribute and we're busy trying to get the rest of our neighbors to like us. That said, the gods of war generally aren't too bothered if a Balanced clan skips raiding for a year or two, and the game does provide a warning if we're going too long without raiding.

-Take what they offer.
-Demand more tribute. (specify how much)
-Demand annual protection money. (specify how much)
-Take tribute, then raid.
-"Raiding you is the only thing that will fill the hole in our hearts left by the death of Brenna. So, no."

We can afford to be generous to them. Or we can smash them!