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Part 20: Grazers 2

Ah, the legend of the Pain Centaurs. It's been there for a long time, but it's not their origin. It was a story spread about both them, and the Ducks, to make them easier foes, claiming they were undead mockeries of life created by the Necromancer Delecti who dwells in the Upland Marsh.

The Grazers originally came to Dragon Pass from Prax, where they were allies to the God Learners in the great city of Pavis, keeping them safe from the animal riders and trolls, but even the giant-built walls of Pavis could not protect them after the God Learners fell, and the Pure Horse Tribe were chased out, and they fled to what they expected would be a glorious death in the land of dragons.
What they instead found was a bountiful land, with no other people living in it, and took it as their home.

Before Prax
They may have come to Dragon Pass from Prax, but Prax was not their home. The Pure Horse tribe comes from a land far to the north, called Pent. It reaches from the great wastes east of prax to the snowy reaches of the north. There dwell the Pentans, a nomadic people of horse riders, who had ruled the neighbouring Solar Empire of Dara Happa during what the Orlanthi call the Dawn.
Eventually, many of the Pentans started herding cattle, a practice picked up from their former subjects, the Dara Happans. This caused a divide, between those who raised horses and cattle, and those who raised only horses. The large number of the latter eventually left, heading south, where they became known as the Pure Horse Tribe.

Interestingly, in some Elmali myths, Hippogriff is recognised as the first horse, rediscovered by Elmal in the storm age when he comes to Orlanth's tula with his wigns ripped off, his claws cut off, and his fangs ripped out. This myth probably comes from the northern Orlanthi cultures, who were originally followers of Hyalor, who is mentioned by Mors Rattus.

Anyway, Kill the Grazelanders and take their horses for our warriors.