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by Haifisch

Part 200: New Ring Member

The beautiful power of averages at work.

And they actually paid that much! Hope you guys have a plan for what to do with our Fire Seasons now.

While I'm looking through our nobles, I notice A Problem. I have no idea how Minara became a better leader than both Jorator and Harvar, but she could be trouble in the future.

Another, smaller, problem is that Harvar(who is currently best at Plants skill on the ring) is far from being the best in the clan at Plants. Plants skill isn't as important as having people good at Leadership, Custom, Combat, Bargaining, and Magic, but it's still nice to have.

So let's choose a replacement for Brenna!

Pick one:
-Put Beneva back on the ring. We miss her grumpy old self.
-Put Ernaldesta on the ring so we have the person best at plants.
-Put one of our four young(defined as 30 years old or younger) nobles on the ring so their skills can grow just by being there: