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Part 201: Dwarf Danger

Old lady it is. May she be alive for more than one year from now.

A Spirit Fetch got us back the 1 magic point we lost when we sent Brenna to her doom. Horray?

Dark Season comes. I can hire 11 more crafters thanks to this year's population bomb, so I do that.

Goddamn wizard-bandits.

Oh, and it turns out we kind of pissed off the dwarfs earlier. Well, it's not like they'll have unreasonable demands to appease them or anything...

Dwarfs come to the clan hall with demands. The leader reads from a peculiar document written in the script of the dwarfs. "Batch 794 require sustenance. You big defect in World Machine in present. You want to fix defect, you hand over Humakt's Sword. No fix defect, big problem."

-Give the dwarfs what they want.
-Insist they compensate you for the treasure.
-Kill the dwarfs.
-Lie and tell the dwarfs you don't have Humakt's sword.
-Tell them to leave and not come back.
-Offer thralls instead of the treasure.

Most of the ring's advice translates into several options here, so lots of italics for you! I've never seen this event before(as I said before, I tend to ignore the dwarfs in my own games), so I have no ulterior motives other than giving goons the info we need to make sure our clan doesn't die. And I suspect that handling this wrong could make us die.

Giving thralls to the dwarfs would make every sensible clan hate us. (He's pro-every option except handing over the sword without compensation, killing them, or giving them thralls)

We're not obligated to give the dwarfs anything.

I can tell you this: If we fight them, they will fight to the death. (Neither Harvar nor Brandgor is actually supporting any option.)

They are of the earth, but not the giving earth. (She is pro-everything except giving them a free sword/thralls or telling them to leave.)

Even dwarfs should know they can't get something for nothing. (He's pro-lying or demanding compensation.)

This does not sound good. (She's the only one who really, really wants to give them the treasure.)

They should know better than to come here making demands. (He either wants them dead or to be told to never come back here.)