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Part 202: Tribe Naming

Leave 14
Kill 27
Compensation 15
Thralls 1
Give 10
Lie 8

If you combine the people who want compensation for deathsword and those who just want to give it to them, it comes to 25 votes, which is...still less than killing the dwarfs. Oh, goons.

Well, we're not dead(yet). We did lose a point of magic, though, and got nothing in return except some dead dwarfs.

Horray, we have TWO nobles who will do the "well-wait, I mean-no, the-nevermind" thing!

Also, how are we gonna name the tribe?

-Joratori, after Viking Bob Ross.
-Find a divine new name, honey.
-Have goons name the tribe DONGS. Or whatever else they come up with. (If you want us to pick a name ourselves, suggest one or back up someone else's suggestion! Also, I'm pretty sure there'll be a 10 character length limit like there is for clan names.)