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Part 205: No Negotiating With Crazy

Let's see which combination of words our crazy allies will respond best to.

Is he just flipping a coin to decide if he likes what we say?

None of this actually convinces him to join our tribe, so we wasted some cows and a lot of breath on the Wolves. Horray.

-The Jenestni, known for tasty shit.
-Orlundi, known for growing a lot of food.
-Woodpecker, known for being soft on crime by reforming criminals instead of mercilessly killing them.
-Vostang, known for aggressive pursuit of trade and also for hating our guts.
-Wildcat, known for actually giving a shit about hunters.
-Squat Oak, known for being the exact opposite of us by doing something known as "careful planning."
-Six Brothers, known for having a hate-boner for chaos.
-Undaroli, known for being our Elmal-bros.

Also, have some select advice from our beloved clan ring:
Really, if you ask me, the choice is obvious - oh, what was I thinking? The name of the clan was right on the tip of - pardon me?

Alliances are bad enough. Now we're embroiling ourselves further in Orlanth-knows-what.