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Part 206: Squat Oak Negotiations

The close runner up was Undaroli, with only two fewer votes, so next time we have to contact another clan for this I'll just go with them so we can get on with it already.


The Squat Oak clan is known for its long-range planning, and for a tavern it maintains as part of its market. Its chief, Ashart, was expecting you and has a list of demands prepared. He wants the tribal hall to be built on Squat Oak land. He wants to host the confederation moot. He wants the right to build and run taverns in other tulas. He wants the new tribe to make peace with the trolls.

-Abandon negotiations.
-Agree to make peace with the trolls.
-Allow them to build tribal hall.
-Allow them to host the confederation moot.
-Let them build taverns on other clan's tulas.
-Give gifts.

The trolls hate us and mean us harm. But the Squat Oaks may know how to make peace.

It is very unusual to allow one clan to earn wealth on another clan's land.

If struggle ever breaks out within the tribe, the Squat Oak would control the hallowed tribal hall.

In a land ruled by rashness and violence, it is good to see a clan that plans ahead.

The things they ask for are more important than they seem.

If they build those...what I mean to say is...we've heard of them, back in history, but are they really what we...?

The trolls hate the elves as much as our ancestors did. We could have worse friends.