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Part 207: Squat Oak Success

And we got away without having them build the tribal hall.

As your potential tribe expands, you can start going after clans that neighbor your neighbors. But the Squat Oaks have the same neighbors as us, so I'll just cut to the chase and go afte the Undaroli like I said I would.

Also, Harvar and Elmalandti are being badass, and Dorasa is still being stubborn.
A tribe will not change the facts of war and death.
I don't think we need to tie ourselves up with any of them.
Seek friends who understand the lessons of the Storm.

(the ring advice is always this useless when tribe-making, but sometimes it's kind of funny too.)

Only 6 kids got to grow up this year? Jesus.

Harvar, shh, nobody cares about hunters.

What are our goals for this year? Also name all of the other clans(as seen in the list in the map screenshot) you'd like to see in our tribe and how many clans we should try to get so that I don't have to keep holding a vote after every negotiation. Minimum tribe size is three clans plus us; I don't think there's a maximum but it gets harder to please everyone as the tribe gets larger.