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Part 208: Undaroli

Looks like another heroquest year. Along with a getting-wealthier-in-general year.

Our early explorers got beaten back by bandits, and our latest set didn't get there fast enough. Although knowing Harvar, his idea of an amazing chance would be the opportunity to kill a bunch of skeletons or something.

Your emissaries approach the leadership of the Undaroli clan, known for worshipping the sun god Elmal as their chief god. You ask them if they wish to join your new tribe. "There is often tension between Elmal clans and Orlanth clans, who do not respect us properly. A pledge of respect for Elmal must be contained in the new tribe's rites of kingship. Each clan must sacrifice to Elmal each holy season. We must be guaranteed two seats on the tribal council, in perpetuity."

-Abandon negotiations.
-Agree to pledge in rites of kingship.
-Agree to sacrifice to Elmal. (How many cows a year?)
-Demand they teach their sun magic to the warriors of the other clans.
-Guarantee them a seat or seats on the council. (I'm pretty sure this will create a sub-option where we can give them the two seats they want, or only give them one as a sort of compromise)
-Gift gifts.

The other clans will not want to sacrifice too much to Elmal. Four cows or less is no great issue, but after that their grumbling will steadily increase.

Orlanthi clans often clash with Elmal clans, because they are unjust. We have as much right to worship as they. (He's advising everything except giving gifts and having the Undaroli teach other people Elmal's awesome sun magic.)

They would make powerful friends, or terrible foes.

They are wealthy, and would make a worthy addition to our tribe. (Dorasa seems to have settled down a bit now that she's officially Old. Or maybe she's given up and now she's just in it for the money.)

It would be unusual to have two Elmal clans in the same tribe. But it could work to our advantage.

Orlanth clans often clash with Elmal clans, it is true.

Of course, we are also Elmali, so we already know the fighting magics of the sun god. (But he is pro-teaching it to everyone else, along with every other option. Except giving gifts. Actually, none of the ring is recommending gifts except for Mr. "Wealth and trading solve everything!". Stingy bastards.)