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Part 209: Six Brothers

I gave them 35 cows worth of stuff, but they didn't give "almost" the same amount back - we didn't lose anything, so they were equally generous! I assume they are more favorably disposed towards the tribe idea now, since we did give them stuff with no expectation of getting reciprocal gifts.
I was actually kind of stunned this happened - I don't remember ever seeing clans give gifts in return during tribe formation, and a look at the previous LP shows that their local Elmal clan didn't hand out reciprocal gifts then. Maybe it's a bonus for us being an Elmal clan?

Alas, this wasn't enough. Maybe it would have worked if more goons were willing to offer both seats instead of just one, or maybe we shouldn't have demanded sun magic. But no matter what the cause, we're just plain not making this the tribe.

Oh well. Next up, Six Brothers.

Beneva's death is a pathetic one, her last years spent out of the ring to occassionally explore the wilderness, while not even her family shed tears at her passing.

A new noble has popped up already to replace her. It's an Elmal worshipper, but Orstanor is terrible at everything but magic. He's also a crafter, apparently; there's no way to tell which nobles are crafters unless they tell you, and there's absolutely no way to tell how good they are at it.

In other news:

Ahahahaha, you think we're going to remove you from the ring any time soon. That's a good one, Harvar. Actually, all the long-standing ring members have something slightly different to say - although most of them are happy to stay, Harvar would rather take a rest and Jarolor would be happy with a booth at our market. But they have no way of leaving unless we let them, and they're the best at the roles they're filling, so it sucks to be them!

Also, sharp-eyed people may realize that something special is going to happen to Harvar in a year or two...

Damn, the Vostang have been getting wealthy during our peace treaty. I hope they forget to pay us tribute soon so that their wealth can become our wealth. (Jarolor's text box is obscuring it, but I'm trading horses for goods)

Class, what have we learned about detachments of horse-spawn trying to sneak behind us?

That's right! We do something about them right away with whoever happens to be nearby!

We won, but got a lot of wounded and no horses out of it. Bah.

And now it's time to top off our weaponthane supply.

Your emissaries are able to interrupt the brawling of the Six Brothers's leader long enough to ask them if they want to join your new tribe. They are as well-known for their hatred of chaos as for their rashness and lack of forethought. The idea of a tribe seems never to have occured to them. "How would a tribe help us fight broos?"

A clan known for rashness and lack of forethought? Screw the Undaroli, these guys are our true soulmates.

-Abandon negotiations.
-"Our magic will be stronger. Magic can crush Chaos."
-"The fight against Chaos isn't everything. There are cows to raise and seeds to sow."
-"We can share our maps, and better find where Chaos lurks."
-"We will have more warriors to fight Chaos."
-Give gifts.

Our relations with the Six Brothers are good enough that they will give a fair hearing to our arguments.

These brutes are interested in little besides Chaos. If we gift them, they'll think we're serious about fighting Chaos, too.

Talk about fighting, then about magic.

If they fight Chaos all the time, when do they find time to raise healthy herds?

The omens all say that Chaos is strong now, and growing stronger. We may want them in the tribe. (Why the hell didn't he tell us about the growing strength of chaos before now?!)