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Part 210: Orlundi

That was easy!

Next on the list: Orlundi.

We finally have a pile of goods to throw at people instead of cows!

After that it's Fire Season, but both our raiding targets are paying tribute to us. How problematic.

So I send a cattle raid towards the Undaroli. It won't really piss them off, but everyone else around is either an ally, paying tribute(and I'm pretty sure cattle raids break your "no raids while you're paying us" oaths) or someone we're trying to get into a tribe.

That's right, we got caught, were facing a superior force, used the "OH GOD RUN AWAY" strategy, and got cows(and horses!) anyway.

The Orlundi clan, known for its rich crop yields, entertains your proposal for a new tribe. They want each clan of the new tribe to give them fertility magic every year. They want a treasure. The Orlundi also want an agreement that no clan of the tribe will trade for grain with outside clans as long as the Orlundi have surplus grain to trade.

-Abandon negotiations.
-Agree to give them fertility magic. (We can give "a token amount", "Some but not a lot", or "all a prosperous clan can spare")
-Agree to trade restrictions.
-Demand favorable trade terms for other clans in tribe seeking Orlundi grain. (The standard is 10 cows for 20 bushels of grain; we can have the Orlundi give 22, 24, 26 or 28 bushels for ten cows.)
-Promise them a treasure. (Our treasures are Humakt's Sword(gives a boost to killing as many as possible in battle), Splendorbread(gives us a point of magic(or maybe two; nobody seems sure about this) each Earth season), and the Sacred Clod(basically nukes another tribe to death in the rare event of tribal warfare).)
-Give gifts.

Other clans will dislike the trade restrictions, but dislike is not hate.

Remember, if we give them a treasure, they get to keep it, even if no tribe is formed.

Give them what they want, give them a treasure...just don't give them a war treasure.

They ask for many things. See to it that they give us plenty of grain for our cows, from now on.

Ask them to trade 26 bushels of grain for 10 cows.

They are rich. It is worth it to give them a treasure, for we might learn their secrets of fertility.

A token amount of our fertility magic will strengthen their magic greatly, without costing us dearly.