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Part 211: Wildcats

cabman567 posted:

When are we actively training up replacements?
When goons vote to. Which will probably be never, since they keep getting distracted by shiny treasures/crop boosts during heroquests instead of "strengthen the quester" options(attempt to fix Brandgor when he wasn't broken aside).

And the sword has narrowly won out over the bread. I would have gone with the bread myself, but the goon democracy has spoken.

Thankfully, this won them over to the tribe. I wouldn't have wanted to see the wailing if we handed over murdersword and they refused to join anyway.

We have three other clans in the tribe, but the goonmind wanted to see 5 other clans. The Wildcats are next on the list; at this point we can breathe easier, since we have the minimum needed to form a tribe if the other clans don't pan out.

Another new noble has popped up! Barngradus is really young for a noble, and he's good at both plants and animals.

I also noticed this:

Don't you even think about dying, Elmalandti! You're the most competent person on the ring!

There's not much to do right now, so I explore the tula some more.

To no avail.

Your emissaries speak to Clan Wildcat, the hunting clan, about the new tribe. They want the right to hunt in other's tulas, sacrifices made annually to Odayla the Hunter, and a mutual oath of support between their clan and yours within the tribe.

-Abandon negotiations.
-Agree to mutual support oath.
-Agree to Odayla sacrifices. (pick from 1 to 25 goods to sacrifice yearly)
-Ask them to add one of their treasures to the tribal regalia.
-Cede them hunting rights.
-Give gifts. (Several goons wanted a 60 goods/cow minimum here, so speak up if you want any other amount)

We have conceded too much to other clans. We should press the Wildcats for concessions which will balance our earlier mistakes.

The other clans will not take kindly to letting the Wildcats traipse around their tulas with arrows nocked.

The Wildcats appreciate gifts more than all the other clans.

Sacrifices to Odayla will not be wasted; they will help us catch more game, too.

The Wildcats know that they are a minor clan, and will not make onerous demands of us. They have few crafters, so they may greatly appreciate our finely worked goods.

Our clans will get along well in a tribe.

Their hunting magic is good magic.

And while we're here, pick the heroquest we'll do this year. I'll do it in the appropriate season, so don't worry about specifying when.

Humakt The Champion. Possible rewards include strengthening the quester, defending against undead, reconciling the weaponthanes, obtaining a treasure, and bestowing Humakt's blessing upon our battles. We just gave away the sword you can get from this.

Chalana Arroy Heals the Scars. Possible rewards include healing the sick/wounded(which we don't have many of), mending a rift in the clan, making peace with a neighbor, making the quester wiser, or making our wounds heal faster in the future.

Elmal Guards the Stead. Possible rewards include strengthening our defenses, gaining fine horses, strengthening our leaders or the quester, warding against chaos, or reconciling the weaponthanes.

The Making of the Storm Tribe. Possible rewards include gaining Orlanth's blessing for tribe-making, improving our reputation or political abilities, and making the quester a strong leader.

Orlanth and Aroka. Possible rewards include bringing rain, strengthening our clan or the quester, making dragonewts fear us, or bringing back a treasure. We already got Splendorbread from this.

Ernalda Feeds The Tribe. Rewards include bringing back a (useless) treasure, increasing crop yield, making peace with the elves, making our cows healthy, reconciling the farmers, and strengthening the quester.

Lhankor Mhy Finds The Truth. Rewards include learning new myths, making our quester or the leaders wise, fighting darkness(whatever the hell that means), defending against chaos, and "learning more about dragon pass"(revealing more of the map, in reality).

Issaries the Conciliator. Rewards include "learning more about dragon pass"(revealing more of the map, in reality), learning the secrets of a myth, making the quester stronger, improving relations with a cult/another clan/outsiders, improving trade relations, and ending a feud.

And here's a list of our young nobles in case we actually decide to start preparing for the future. The only two people on our ring below age 54 are Jarolor and Brandgor, so we might want to get started on training up replacements for everyone else.

(he'll probably be back by the time we're heroquesting)