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Part 212: Wounded Storm Bull

I just LOVE getting clans in my tribe without having them concede anything to us, don't you? (Why the hell didn't more goons vote to have them add things to the regalia? Seriously, only two(technically three, but one posted after I was done with the negotiations) people did out of 15 votes. Are we terrified that people won't like us if we ask them for things?)

Our tribe is a good size now, but there haven't been any real opinions posted about tribe size since Sacred Time voting, so standing orders are still 5 clans other than us in the tribe. That means the Woodpeckers are next. At least they won't make our tribal borders look any more disjointed than they already are! (And we always have the option to abandon negotiations if we change our minds between now and when we talk with the Woodpeckers)

And then we get an event that's not about tribemaking! Almost forgot those existed, didn't you?

A wounded warrior stumbles desperately into the clan hall, an arm outstreched in a silent plea for help. From the symbols he wears, you recognize him as a holy warrior of Urox the Storm Bull. He says he was ambushed by Chaos worshippers. After you tend to him, what do you do?

-Don't even tend to him; tell him to seek help elsewhere.
-Tend to his wounds, and increase patrols.
-Heal him, then lend him warriors to fight against Chaos.
-Let him stay as long as he wants.
-See him on his way as soon as he's well.

If we are too rude to him, he will make trouble. If we are too welcoming, his friends will come here, and make trouble.
Storm Bulls are not exactly lawless. But most of them feel that rules are for other people.
The Uroxi are mighty in battle, but tend to see Chaos under every leaf.
I've heard that Storm Bulls sometimes give generous rewards to those that help them.
Give him what he wants. We don't want the Storm Bulls thinking we're stingy.
Storm Bull is brother to Orlanth. He is the Bad Wind. He is the smiter of Chaos, and the breaker of furniture.
We have seen many ill omens and other signs of Chaos recently.

Also, quest voting currently has 8 people who want Deathsword back, 6 people who want the Klanth, and a bunch of single votes for various options that probably aren't going to win.