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Part 213: Woodpeckers

Nipping Chaos in the bud is always a good idea.

That killed almost all the people I sent with the Storm Bull!

Since Elmalandti has commented twice on the strength of Chaos around us, and since there are Chaos cultists right outside our tula, having Urox on our side can only be a good thing.

Your clan emissaries talk to the ring of clan Woodpecker, a small clan known for giving a second chance to bandits and outlaws. They're also known for the effectiveness and ferocity of their raids. Estavos, chief of the Woodpeckers, doesn't have any demands. He wants you to tell him why he should join your tribe.

-Abandon negotiations. (I'll take this as a blessing to keep our tribe size where it is & end our negotiations with everyone in a 1000 mile radius of us)
-"If you do not join the new tribe, you are the first clan it will crush."
-"The other clans dislike you, but we honor you, and fought for your inclusion."
-"We'll give you a treasure if you join."
-"Your joining is inevitable. Join now, and get a seat on the council."
-Give gifts.

If the other clans hear that we have recruited the Woodpeckers by underhanded means, it could endanger the entire confederation deal. (This means "don't say that everyone dislikes you but we fought for your inclusion")
These shiftless bullies are not to be trusted.
Estavos is no fool. He knows that the Woodpecker's days as fierce raiders are finished if other clans in the area unite.
If only we were as skeptical of this tribal foolishness as Estavos is.
Estavos feigns indifference, but in fact the formation of a tribe has the hairs on the back of his neck standing on end.
How do we persuade people who don't want anything from us?
They would like a treasure for nothing, but so would everyone.