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Part 214: Tribal Moot

...was that a threat? Anyway, he's not biting and very few people wanted to talk smack about our future tribemates, and we're sure as hell not giving these guys a treasure, so

We have plenty of clans now, but there's one trifling matter still to be resolved...

We need more weaponthanes! More! We must replace the dead ones, and the ones who haven't come back with Kulbrast yet! (because it's becoming increasingly likely that Kulbrast and his guards are dead )

Blah blah aggressive traders blah blah they want the Issaries council seats and favorable terms for bartering their goods and kings to swear banditry-fighting oaths blah blah.

-Give them one cow.
-Demand they give a percentage of trade gains to the king.
-Ha ha, fuck you.

Oh sure, make us look bad by giving us a cow in return.

So gang, what do we think about this?

Elmalandti is always right. Abandon ship!

Maybe now they'll stop paying tribute so we can raid them again.

Okay, with people's "mock the Vostangi" demand out of the way, we can finalize our tribe!

You and the Wildcat, Orlundi, Squat Oak, and Six Brothers clans all gather for a moot of confederation. It soon becomes clear that there are serious problems with the deal you negotiated. The concessions you gave to some clans displease the chieftains of other clans. When this is made clear, the chieftains who won these concessions become offended. 2 of the clans are especially unhappy. It looks like this new tribe of yours might be dead in its cradle.

-Abandon attempts to form a tribe. (AKA "refuse to do a crucial step to win the game")
-Encourage satisfied clans to make conessions to dissatisfied clans.
-Give cows to dissatisfied clans. (How many?)
-Persuade dissatisfied clans that the deal is better than they think.
-Give a treasure to each of the dissatisfied clans. (That would mean giving away the Sacred Clod AND Splendorbread, leaving us with zero treasures until it's heroquest time)

They just need a little persuading. Soon, we will have our tribe.
A deal is very far away.
Don't let the naysayers get away with doubting this mission.
I cannot think of a better time to prove our generosity.
Twenty-five cows for each dissatisfied clan ought to do the trick.
We must encourage all the clans to start with mercy and good intentions to one another.
The gift of a treasure is always attractive.