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Part 215: The First Tribal King 1

Good thing there weren't more votes like the guys who wanted to give 60 or 100 cows, because 50 was the max(And also the most popular gift amount). Goodbye, 100 cows; I'm not really sure how we go so many of you anyway.

Horray, we can finally progress to the midgame! Being in a tribe unlocks some cool benefits that the game doesn't reveal quite yet, but they'll make our lives much, much easier. However, we'll now be expected to hold to the tribemaking promises we made, and the game doesn't provide a convenient reminder list of what these promises are - so it's on us to remember what agreements we're supposed to be upholding!

Now that you have other clans wanting to join with you and become a tribe, you must choose a king. The king must be able to lead and protect the tribe; he or she must be strong and generous. Once a candidate is chosen, that candidate must design and complete a sacred rite unique to your tribe. All future kings will have to undergo these rites as well.

-Nominate a member of your clan.
-Support a candidate from the clan most obligated to you.
-Support a candidate from the strongest fighting clan.
-Support the candidate who is most generous to you.
-Wait, then throw support to whoever seems poised to win.

We must repair our relations with the other clans before we can expect to take the throne.
It is rare for two consecutive kings to be chosen from the same clan. There is no point in waiting - let us seize the glory now!
The main reason to form a tribe is mutual protection, so we must support the Wildcats. (They're the strongest fighting clan according to him, apparently. And who are we to question him on matters of combat?)
It is better to support a king and get cows, than to be a king and give cows.
We can afford to pay the cows necessary to win support.
King Heort was rejected three times by his tribe before becoming king, and remaking the Storm Clans.
We only select a nominee. The gods and spirits who oversee the rites of kingship truly choose the king.