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Part 216: The First Tribal King 2

ProfessorGroove posted:

Penterest is probably dead though.
Commander Riker/Kulbrast is the one who's probably dead, actually. Although it hasn't been a full year yet, and I did send him to the most distant corner of the pass, it's still been quite a long time. (which sucks, because he was a pretty talented noble. That also led to his doom, because well-rounded nobles are the best at exploring distant parts of the pass - Combat is more important closer to home, because of all the bandits, while Bargaining gets more important as you get further out because your explorer has to deal with a variety of Foreigners.)

Oh look, the most generous guys were also the ones Harvar wanted as king. I love it when things work out like this. We also got 31 cows from bribes.

Who do we appoint to argue for our candidate?
-Our lawspeaker. (Brandgor - Renowned at custom, excellent at leadership, very good at bargaining, not notable in anything else but I doubt any of his skills other than Custom really matters for law-focused campaign speeches)
-Our best poet. (The game doesn't make it explicit who it is, but this is probably either Brandgor(thanks to aformentioned skills in custom and leadership), Elmalandti(Excellent at both leadership and custom) or Harvar(Renowned leadership, very good custom). It's most likely Brandgor, since it's based on an average of the two skills.)
-Our war leader. (Harvar, for those who haven't been paying any attention at all in the entire LP)
-Your best farmer. (Another one that's not obvious, but this is either Dorasa (excellent Animals, good Plants) or Ernaldesta(excellent Plants, good Animals).)

Also feel free to keep up initiationchat. I was starting to miss the loreposts.