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Part 217: The First Tribal King 3

The game doesn't reveal who our failure of a poet was. Pity. I'm going to assume the poem was:
Vote for the Wildcats
Or we'll club you in the head with spiked bats

The time has come for Ashart, first king of the Eurmali tribe, to undergo the rites of kingship. Because this is a new tribe, the magicians and priests have some latitude in designing the rites. Future kings will have to follow them precisely. If he fails to complete these rites, he loses all claim to the throne. It is also possible that the candidate will be harmed by enemies attracted by the magic of the rite, or devoured by angry spirits if he proves unworthy.

-Make sure the tribal regalia is good enough.
-Lend your magic to aid Ashart in his rites.
-Secretly use your magic to hinder the candidate.
-Enjoy this history occasion.
-Sacrifice to the gods in aid of the candidate.

If we ask the other clans to add to the tribal regalia, they will be anxious to please. We need not add to it ourselves.
Whatever we do, it is important that we show support for the tribe, and not our own reputation.
With a tribe comes war, and so it should be. Let the warriors celebrate now, for they will have to fight soon.
Men and women now know of our generosity. The time has come for us to show it to the gods.
The regalia is the important thing here.
This moment is so- so- so...momentous! Not, that's not exactly the word. Historical, that's the word. Isn't it?
Everybody knows that a tribe is doomed to fail if its magical regalia is not strong enough.