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Part 219: Broos

Alas, we have no idea what this treasure is. Not that it matters, since we can never use it or obtain it.

Now that we're in a tribe, we have a new button on the diplomacy screen!

From here, we can tell the tribal mood(mostly important when your own clan has the king), who the king is, and how long they've been in power. You can also decide how to judge legal cases brought before the tribal moot. The default is to weigh according to their merits, and it's generally a good idea to leave it there.

Then I spend a turn recruiting more people because why not. Harvar continues to miss the fact that nobody cares about hunters.

Oh god, the stammering is spreading throughout all of Dragon Pass! Soon we'll all-what I mean to say is-that is to say-well, you know what I mean.

Then I clear a bunch more land because the newcomers will need something to do once they arrive. And maybe we can finally trigger some elf events; those guys have been pretty boring ancestal enemies.

What's that? We drastically outnumber them, you say? Sounds like a good time to kill them all!

Lesson of the day: Never piss off sun-worshipping horselovers by eating the temple to their god.

How the fuck did we lose despite all that? They even had a ton more casualties than we did! EDIT: And then I realized that "kill as many as possible" had no point since we don't have Humakt's sword anymore. What can I say, the past decade of gameplay made that a habit.

Oh hey, remember how Elmalandti mentioned offhand a couple times that "hey, the signs say chaos is strong"? Well, as always, he was right.

The herds of the carl Kostardos have been infested by the evil, chaotic beings called broos. Everyone knows that the cattle must be destroyed before they give birth to more broos. What other measures do you take?

-"It is sufficient to destroy the herd."
-Recruit weaponthanes from outside the clan; step up patrols.
-Seek help of nearby clans in fighting the broos.
-Send a small party of warriors to search for broos.
-Wage a concerted campaign against the broos.

Of course we have to destroy the herd. But we will lose more cattle to these monstrosities if we don't strike them hard, and strike them soon.
Broos are dangerous opponents. If we engage them, we can expect some of our warriors to die hideous deaths.
I've been building our forces in preparation for a situation like this. Whatever you need, my men shall do.
This is every herd owner's worst fear. Everyone imagines himself in Kostardos's position.
There is no conciliation with Chaos.
Usually Chaos is caused by kinstrife, but it sometimes it arrives on its own. [sic]
If we fight the broos, they'll send even more broos, and they'll destroy us all.