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Part 221: Adventurers

Here's to a year of trading to get wealth so we can set up some blessings so we can trade more to get more wealth.

I kick things off by having Jarolor go set up another trade route.

And then we get one of my favorite events!

A very strange group of explorers comes to your tula. They're looking for something called an inn, and want to know if you can change the gold coins of the northern empire into silver ones. They seem to be requesting your hospitality for the night. Along with a strangely-attired Vingan warrior, there's a duck, a dragonewt, and two very strange beings - a tall human with skin darker than you've seen on any man before, and an inhuman beastman, the like of which you've never laid eyes on.

-Drive them off.
-Give them hospitality.
-Kill them.
-Send them to another clan.
-Tell them you don't have what they want.

They are weird and troubling. We owe it to our neighbors to kill them.
These are all beyond the protection of the law. They will behave wrongly. Orlanth would want us to kill them.
We can beat them. (And by "beat" he means "kill")
They're not worth bothering with.
(is too busy doing trade stuff to comment on the D&D party that just found our tula)
These are outcasts and freebooters, of the sort who call themselves "adventurers." They are not to be trusted.
Our magic is strong. We can beat them.