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Part 222: Outlaw Women Again

On one hand, we lost 2 magic and 2 weaponthanes. On the other hand, four free treasures. They are:

Eye Mirror: Improves the effectiveness of our patrols.
Godbone: Bone-shaped piece of bronze, dating from the Gods War (this doesn't actually do anything, but having useless treasures like this is very useful for events that require giving up/trading a treasure.)
Red Leather Mask: Helps overcome skepticism.
Shimmering Cloak: Helps us evade our foes in battle.

Now to restock on weaponthanes.

We have a new magical sword, a bunch of troops, and an enemy who's stopped paying tribute. You know what that means. (Also, take a moment to gaze in awe at the pile of goods we're accumulating)

Penterest may be the likely chieftain after Jorator kicks it, but he's already breaking tradition by having useful talents other than leadership.

I like all of the numbers I see here, except the "no captives" bit.

...I guess that's one way to announce you're not paying tribute anymore. I'm not sure if the bonus for charging with the Klanth is greater than the bonus for maneuvering on defense, so I test out how charging does.

Jarolor, since when do you fight? Actually, forget that; since when do you have COMBAT MAGIC? What spells does Issaries even grant in battle? A hail of goods crushing the skulls of your enemies? (Jarolor only has Good magic, so I'm sure as hell not picking that option to find out)

Baranwolf escaped, but Jarolor is alive and unwounded, which is what I was really worried about.

Clearly they should have waited 6 more years to build up enough troops to fight us.

Wait, who the fuck are you guys? Why are you raiding us?

These are actually the guys in the most distant corner of the pass who were one of the default feuds, but who never bothered us. Until now. I guess someone must have looked over a dusty stack of parchment titled "this is who we hate" and realized they should be harassing us.

Jesus, they're even burning our steads. That's normally reserved for clans who really detest you(which I guess these guys could, but we've left each other alone for more than a decade).

These guys don't fuck around! Maybe we should end our feud with them before they decide to trample us again.

Oh hey, we've seen this one before. Blah blah outlaw women kidnap two of your men blah blah.

-Do nothing.
-Sacrifice to Orlanth.
-Send a war party to rescue the men & kill the outlaws.
-Send a war party to rescue the men.