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Part 223: Centaur

We may not have many weaponthanes to send, but Harvar's with them, so it'll be alright. Hopefully.

It succeeded, but we burnt another point of magic for no apparent reason.

We have a giant pile of wounded people, so I switch the Chalana shrine over to Healing to make that go away faster.

Then I crank our weaponthans TO THE MAX.

I finally upgrade Elmal's shrine into a temple. Your clan gets rather unhappy if any god has a shrine bigger than the one to your main god, so this will let me upgrade shrines to the other gods in peace. More importantly, this means that Elmal's temple will now support Sun and Steadfast.

The second girl who tried to run away turns out exactly like the first one.

And then we get to see an event I've never seen before!

One of your thralls, Kulbrast*, reports that a centaur slew one of your carls, Maniski, when both were returning from a trip to inspect some cattle the Taralings want to trade to you. "It came out of nowhere," Kulbrast says. "It was huge, and fire came out of its eyes. I don't know why it didn't kill both of us, but it didn't, so I've lived to tell the tale."

*No, not Commander Riker. His beard is clearly not up to that standard.

-Compose a poem in honor of Maniski.
-Conduct a divination.
-Console Maniski's family.
-Outlaw Kulbrast for secret murder.
-Sacrifice to the gods to speed Maniski's spirit to the realm of the dead.
-Send a war party to hunt centaurs.

The people are sad. We must do something to bring them cheer. (Things that bring them cheer apparently include poetry, sacrifice, and centaur-killing.)
A poem is the best way to ensure that Maniski is remembered.
We must send a skilled hunter to lead the war party, and at least six warriors to accompany him.
We should be trading with the beastfolk, not fighting them.
Kulbrast is lying. He killed Maniski himself.
What's the point of a divination? We know what happened. Sacrifice instead.
Sacrifice to the gods to speed Maniski's spirit to the realm of the dead.