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Part 224: Strange Warriors

sgt turtle posted:

you know we're gonna do it anyways. lets get on with this show please
Well, you never know when goons will decide to be're right, let's get on with it already.

A new noble has popped up to replace Kulbrast(commander riker Kulbrast, not thrall Kulbrast), which means we finally have a second Issaries worshipper. He's already the third best bargainer in the clan.

I test his mettle by sending him out to set up another trade route. At worst, he'll make a small profit and train his bargaining skill a bit.

Spare Grain gets us extra food from trading. Which we don't really need right now, as you can see by our giant pile of food, but it's definitely not a bad thing.

And here's the current events for the day.

Two unknown people come to you seeking temporary refuge. They seem to be foreigners; they do not know the proper greetings, and speak only the trade language. Their clothes are tattered, and it is hard to say where they come from. "We need food, place to stay. Fight bravely for you, especially from horseback. Will stay for ten, fifteen seasons, no more."

I swear we've had this event before, but I can't find where.

-Allow a volunteer to sponsor them as guests.
-Ask them what kind of people they are.
-Have the chief sponsor them as guests.
-Offer to initiate them as Orlanthi.
-Refuse them.
-Send them to another clan.

Our ancestors weren't known for adopting strangers.
They are not Orlanthi. It would be very unusual to make them Orlanthi.
We have enough warriors already.
If Jorator sponsors them, we will be respected for our generosity.
Some of the people are fearful of strangers.
If we are to make them guests, we will have to perform a Guest Ceremony. Someone will have to sponsor them; that person and their kin must then take full responsibility for their guests' actions.
They mean to strangle us in our beds!