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Part 225: Einarth Returns

They're apparently not Horse-spawn again. Or else they are and don't feel like giving details. Whatever; two free weaponthanes!

Thunderstone improves our skirmishers. So we're basically never going to use it since the klanth makes charging so much better.

The renowned prophet, Einarth Milk-Eyes, wanders onto the tula and into the clan hall. "I see before me a clan, a clan that will take its tribe on a journey. First, this clan must become head of the tribe. Then the path will be cleared by homage to Elmal, treading the steps he has taken before. The tribe will not travel alone, but in the company of six other gods. Before the path reaches its end, the wayfarers must visit the god-plane for each of the deities that go with them. I cannot make out what is at the destination, but it is something new. Ah, I see glory, if these clan halls contain sufficient resolve and courage."

Sorry guys, but the game forces us to do Elmal's quest at least once if we want to win. I know we're trying to go as long as possible without doing it, but we'll have to honor him eventually!

-Honor Einarth with gifts. (how many goods/cows?)
-Throw a feast to celebrate.
-Thank Einarth for bringing us his prophecy.
-Embark on the "Elmal Guards the Stead" heroquest right away.
-Ask him for more details of his vision.

We should rejoice at this glad news, for it means we have a glorious future.
Gifts are the right way to repay Einarth.
Resolve we have; courage we have, Humakt's blessing would be best.
We can spare a few cattle to celebrate this wonderful news.
We should honor Einarth for making this journey to us.
With a prophecy like this, we cannot afford not to honor Orlanth alongside our main deity.