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Part 226: Elmalquesting At Last

Ideas for who to send on this were scattered, so I went with Harvar so we actually have a chance of succeeding(and someone did suggest him ). Sarotar may have been a decent second choice, but Very Good combat isn't even in the same league as Heroic combat for a quest that involves a lot of killing things and being killed.

But there's still time to pick someone else(and now with a convenient ranking of nobles' combat skills, to boot), because we still have to decide on a goal for this quest! Although if you guys don't pick someone else, I'm sticking with Harvar.

-Strengthen our defenses.
-Gain fine horses.
-Strengthen our leaders.
-Strengthen the quester. (Harvar absolutely does not need this, but someone else you pick might)
-Ward against Chaos.
-Reconcile the weaponthanes (we don't need this either; they're feeling Unshakable, which is the best possible mood for them)