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Part 227: Not Elmalquesting

The goonmind has sent Penterest off to honor his god. Hopefully he comes back as something other than a bloody lump of torn flesh.

The tribe sent 81 worshippers to help us. This is much nicer than having to ask for help from an individual clan, who won't always help out and will certainly never send this many worshippers.

There were 11 votes for warding off chaos and 8 for strengthening the quester, but literally everyone who wanted Penterest to do this quest also wanted us to strengthen him. I go with the spirit of the vote and decide to strengthen him.


This is the best clan ever. You guys should see the huge grin on my face right now.

Oh, did I mention that failure to get into the realm of the gods still counts as a heroquest for "questing too often" penalties? So we have to wait at least two years if we want a solid shot at Elmal's quest.

...oh, uh, I guess we're getting raided by trolls or something. Eh, just fight some stuff already, Sarotar.

What's the matter? Too sad about us not doing a horseyquest to fight properly?

Well, that didn't stop everyone else. Suck it up, Sarotar.

Koreng, go be useful.

Penterest, time to use that Excellent leadership for something.

Fucking ow. I take the chance after that to sacrifice for another war blessing, because we need it.

Lightning is good. It lets us deal out more wounds in battle, and also makes us a bit more likely to win.

Sora Goodseller, a trader-priestess of the talking god, Issaries, comes to trade with you. In the course of a routine trading session, she shares some news. "By helping to start a new tribe, you changed the face of Dragon Pass." Afraid of your tribe's power, the other clans are gathering themselves into tribes. The Undaroli, Wolf, Woodpecker, Jenestni, and Vostang clans have joined together as the Culbrea tribe. The Malani tribe is made up of the Lysang, Blackrock, Brown Boar, and Orlmarth clans. Finally, the Hiord, Arnmangarn, and Kardarvi clans have confederated as the Torkani tribe. Other clans are considering forming tribes, too.

-Argue for war with another tribe. (Which tribe?)
-Attempt an alliance with another tribe. (Which tribe?)
-Convey the news to the other clans of the tribe.
-Sacrifice to the gods for protection from new tribes. (Specify a god)
-Warn the Dragonewts against one of the new tribes. (Which tribe?)

An alliance with one tribe will lead to a war against the others.
After Bad King Urgrain's reign, the night came and all the tribes fell apart. Oskul created a new tribe, and then others formed out of Oskul-fear.
The balance has swung too far towards friendship and negotiation. It is time to make some death.
Peace is better than war.
In a place where there are so many elder races and other strange things, it is good to have some inhumans on your side.
If the intentions of the other tribes are warlike, we must tell our friends, the Dragonewts.
Sacrifice is good, but it is Ernalda, Issaries, and Chalana Arroy we should seek aid from. If we ask the war gods for what we should provide ourselves, they will be offended.