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Part 229: Troll Peace 1

You want trade? You get trade. And blessings, and exploration.

Then, something terrible happens to the ring.

Harvar is old now, guys! And so is Jorator; he's aged much more gracefully than Harvar has, in my opinion.

Today is a wonderful day to explore in the general direction of the Eagles.

Although maybe it would have been a better day to recruit more weaponthanes. Damned Horse-spawn, not following proper Orlanthi traditions about when raiding happens.

Sarotar, you look too cool to be losing this often.

Our pile of wounded people is growing faster than the shrine Healing blessing can deal with; we're up to 60 now!

So I sacrifice 20 goods to deal with a bunch of them at once.

Bah. At least he brought back his guards just in time for Fire season.

For those of you wondering how exactly you make peace with the trolls, this is the event for you! Literally.

During negotiations to create the tribe, it was agreed that the tribe would make peace with the trolls. Clan Squat Oak, which insisted on this provision, knows about trolls. The leader of the trolls of Dragon Pass is an ancient and very powerful being called Craigspider the Firewitch. The Squak Oaks can lead the peace delegation to her lair, which is far to the north.

-Send a negotiator with the peace delegation.
-Send warriors to guard the delegation.
-Send warriors and a negotiator.
-"We should make peace with the trolls, but not now."
-"Let the king worry about this. It is not our affair."

We would be fools to prevent this peace from being made.
We made a promise to the Squat Oaks, but we didn't say when we'd fulfill it.
Stories of Craigspider go back to the days when Orlanthi last lived in Dragon Pass. She is very powerful and very dangerous.
If we thwart their goal of making peace with the trolls, the Squat Oaks will feel betrayed.
Craigspider is said to be very powerful, yet has done nothing against us. I'd say the only thing she wants from us is a promise not to annoy her.
Peace is better than war.
During the Storm Age, Orlanth often fought unruly trolls.