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Part 23: Vadrus & Gagarth

The god Gagarth is the God of the Wild Hunt, a warrior deity who loves to fight - even his own kin in the Storm Tribe. He is the son of Orlanth's brother Vadrus, son of Umath.


He was more divine than his elder brothers, Kolat and Urox. He was smarter than both, but violent and destructive. His younger brothers were Humakt and Orlanth.

Vadrus was the first to fight the Golden People. He led a band of men from above and took wives from the people who fllowed Yelm. This tribe was called the Vadrudings, a terrible scourge on the Golden Empire. Vadrus had a special foe in Enkoshons, a water demon who had a weapon that could beat even the High Gods. It was a monster, with sinuous movements and eyes to paralyze anyone, a tongue to choke souls and breath that could sap anyone's strength.

To fight it, Vadrus took a large leather sack that held the Four Winds, an ancient flint sword, a twisted vine that held the Upper Wind and a twisted rope that held the Lower Wind. He spent a year chanting songs of power about himself and ate nothing but the magical splendorbread, then too up hammer and steed and went to battle against Enkoshons.

Vadrus released the Lower Wind first, called the Darkwind because it blows through the Underworld. It frightened the monster with its darkness, but the monster opened its eyes to paralyze Vadrus. Vadrus released the Four Winds, and each hurled a weapon into the eye, knocking out its vision and power. The monster opened its mouth and lashed forth with its tongue, but Vadrus released the Upper Wind, which dried out the foe. Finally, it took a breath to blast Vadrus with its fetid breath, but Vadrus captured it in the sack of winds, taking it home. His sons beat on the sack until the monster was subdued.

Once that was done, Vadrus walked up to Enkoshons, heading to the jaw joint. He put a foot on the bottom jaw and a shoulder on the upper, heaving so hard that the monster broke open. A hueg flood of ichor, water and mead flowed forth. Inside was the Blue Woman, silent and submissive, but Vadrus ignored her because he sought a weapon to destroy the Emperor. He didn't find one, so he carried her off as a prize instead. She was not willing, but could not resist. Later, she was released or escaped, or just went away after Vadrus was destroyed. She bore him a daughter, Iphara the Fog.

Vadrus continued his war, leading the band again and again against his foes. He was leading them when his son Aerlit took the Shoreline Mother and fathered the bane of his family. When Vadrus was fighting the Sea People, they often took the women, and Aerlit took one named Warera of the Neliomi Clan. She escaped, but among her people she gave birth to a child, who was nursed on her resentment and anger. He was trained in the ways of the West, and his name was Malkion, who drew good people away from the Storm Tribe and taught Zzabur sorcery, which he used against the gods.


Anyway, Gagarth is that guy's kid. Like all of Vadrus's children, he carried a piece of his father to excess. Gagarth was the Most Wild Wind, and when he attacked he caused suffering with his crackling brand. He brought pain and vengeance wherever he went. Called the Wild Hunter, he was friend to no one, even his kin - especially after Vadrus was killed and broken into pieces. He fought Orlanth many times, though Orlanth always won.

Finally, Orlanth caught Gagarth and stripped him of many powers, sending him to haunt the unwanted places. Ever since, he has been called the Lost Wind, though he does go into the world from time to time.


Gagarth the foul wind,
Hot and fetid.
The Hunt seeking lost and lonely souls,
Drives the devout offf their path to eternity;
No one is safe if the Hunter learns their name.