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Part 230: Troll Peace 2

Worst case scenario, we're down 7 weaponthanes and Elmalandti(who's going to die within a few years anyway). I've honestly never made peace with the trolls before, so I have no idea how dangerous this is!

The delegation to the trolls found its way back to Craigspider's home. Now they have been escorted into her presence. What tack should Elmalandti take with Craigspider?

-Boast and threaten; promise not to destroy her.
-Flatter and cajolre; promise her wealth and advantage.
-Grovel and scrape; promise never to annoy her with your insignificant presence.
-"We will stop misspelling your name if you make peace."

Promise her anything! Then let's get away from here! (He's for any option except boasting to her.)