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Part 231: Kidnapping

I think this means we won't have to deal with troll raids from now on. Our weaponthanes are going to be so bored in future Dark seasons.

In other news, I discovered something strange and slightly alarming. The Vostangi are apparently still paying us tribute despite having raided us last year. I'm not sure what this means about our oaths not to attack them, but breaking them costs 5 magic. I'd really rather not risk that when there are other punching bags around.

That reminded me that we needed an updated diplomatic map, so here you go.

Now let's go beat up some Blue Jays!

Holy fucking shit that's a lot of captives.

With that many captives, we could get a shitton of goods from ransom. On the other hand, you guys really wanted us to have some more thralls...but you also wanted us to get wealthier.

That covers the cost of the entire Stone Wall(yes, it costs a whopping 150 goods). I might just have to build that during Earth so I can get it over with while we actually have some silver to our names. If we had taken fewer captives I would have just thralled them, but seriously guys that is a metric fuckload of goods.

Might as well continue grinding the Blue Jays into a fine paste. Maybe we can get a set of captives to take as thralls this time!

Oh good, Sarotar the Unlucky is back with a combat event I've never seen before. This is definitely a recipe for success.

Dammit Sarotar, when the taunting doesn't work, run the fuck away before he hurls a lightning javelin into your stomach.

I'm blaming Sarotar for this. Nothing good ever happens in the raids where he gets an event.


The Malani are now ruled by Renatha Wright: Ace Queen, it seems.

Time to be steadfast like Elmal and get beaten to a bloody pulp until we get a chance to stitch ourselves back together.

It could have gone worse, I guess.

Kardarvi warriors kidnap Oranda, daughter of the chief, and take her back to their tula.

-Hire mercenaries to rescue Oranda.
-Make peace with the Kardarvi clan.
-Ransom her.
-Send a war party to rescue Oranda.
-Take no action.

My daughter! We must get her back. (Curiously, hiring mercenaries is not one of his suggestions for this.)
The proper ransom would be 5 cows, but, because we are feuding with the Kardarvi, we can expect them to ask for more than that.
We should hire mercenaries; we can't beat them ourselves.
We can afford to pay ransom or hire mercenaries.
Even if the Kardarvi demand an outrageous ransom, it will be cheaper to pay than to hire mercenaries.
It is no good to rescue Oranda without addressing the real cause of the problem, which is the rift between our clans.
If they are allowed to keep her, we will be remembered for generations as fools and cowards.