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Part 233: Shaman Offer

Our wacky hijinks plan failed, so it's time to go to the the second most popular choice - the sensible plan.

The sensible plan works, of course.

Then we get another event before I even get to do anything in Dark Season!

Shamans return to your tula. "We hear that you were harmed in fighting the Blue Jays. You have been good to us in the past. They, on the other hand, recently treated us with great rudeness. If you reward us well, we will send spirits to lay waste to their crops, to lame their horses, or to wither their sword-arms.

-"How dare you suggest such villainy! Begone!"
-"How much to lame their horses?"
-"How much to lay waste to their crops?"
-"How much to wither their sword-arms?"
-"We must decline your thoughtful offer."

If the Blue Jays find we have sent bad spirits against us[sic], they will hate us. (Jorator doesn't seem to be doing the English so well today)
It is no worse to send spirits against an enemy clan than to wet our swords on their blood. Of course, the enemy clan will not see it that way.
If we wither their sword-arms, they will not be able to raid us, and we will have an advantage when we raid them.
If we lame their horses, they will not be able to raid us for a while.
If something happens to their horses, we will be able to trade horses to them at a high price. The same is true with grain, if ill fate should befall their crops.
There is no worse thing we can do to them than make their crops fail. (Before you get any ideas about what this means she's suggesting, remember that she's a hippy Chalana Arroy worshipper. She wants us to call the shamans villains for even suggesting these services!)
Our magic is strong. Blue Jays' divinations will not point towards us.