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Part 234: Chaos Cultist?

We lost a point of magic for this, but it'll be worth it. Hopefully.

Some of you wanted me to build a grand temple to Elmal, but in order to do that, we need to know more than two of his blessings.

So we get this. Horsefriend prolongs the life of our horses, which means we'll be able to accumulate even more horses than we already have. Not anywhere near as useful as the other blessing we could have learned, Shield(reduces deaths and wounds among our weaponthanes), but it's something.

Now that we know more about Elmal, it's time to adhere to our traditions for honoring the gods!

What, you didn't think we'd be getting the Grand Temple to Elmal NOW, did you? Grand Temples cost a shitload of goods to build & maintain, so it's entirely likely we wouldn't have enough goods to keep all our stuff afloat at the end of the year. Besides, it's traditional that we ignore Elmal as much as possible. Don't want to make the goon ancestors angry, do you?

The new temple to Ernalda defaults to giving us Swine Blessing, but I'll be switching it over to Preserve(which is much more useful in getting extra food) as soon as we're past this next event.

Garrath, a great Uroxi warrior from the Chaos-hating Six Brothers clan, comes to share a blood-curdling tale. One of that clan's ring members was just found decapitated in the forested part of the Six Brothers tula. Garrath is certain that the killer is a member of the chaotic cult of Thanatar, known for stealng heads and putting them to grim magical use. Garrath's clan-mates conducted a divination, and concluded that the Thanatar cultist is a member of your clan! Garrath wants to question your clan members in order to identify and punish the culprit.

-Conduct your own divination.
-Have your clan ring conduct the questioning.
-Let Garrath interrogate people.
-Refuse him.

Fun fact: If we had a Storm Bull of our own on the ring, we'd get an extra option allowing him to do the questioning.

Garrath's clan is on good terms with us. We can stand up for what is right without risking a feud. (This translates to doing the questioning ourselves.)
He has already decided someone is guilty. Do not trust him.
Together, the Uroxi warriors of Dragon Pass could destroy our entire clan.
Urox is the foe of Chaos. When he fights for us, he is the Cleansing Wind. When he bullies us, he is the Bad Wind.
The Uroxi have no quarrel with us. We needn't fear their immediate wrath, even if we deny Garrath.
If their divination says one of us must be a cultist of Thanatar, they must be right.
In a divination, the gods are infalliable. But the priests who attract their attention and interpret the signs they send are not. (He's pro-doing something about the possible chaos cultist, but not letting Garrath run the show)