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Part 235: Raids All Over

Were we really harboring a cultist who's just good at lying to us? Is Garrath angry just because he'd already decided we had a cultist? We may never know.

It's time to raid the Blue Jays again, but I notice something silly. We can theoretically ask the Blue Jays to make good on their favor by helping us raid themselves. I don't actually do this(and I don't go with all the default numbers listed here either, so don't panic about that), but it makes me wonder how that pans out if you try it.

Let's see how poorly guys with withered sword-arms fight!

Those shamans were a sham, I tell you! A sham!

I have a feeling next year is going to involve a lot of Blue Jay Killing.

Trading increases the profit of our trading missions. I also included the state of our market since I recall someone asking about that. Markets can be Annual, Seasonal, or Weekly, with increasing profits for you as they go down that list.

The Vostangi finally stop paying tribute. I guess they paid up last year before those raids they send against us.

Oh, for the love of Elmal's shining beard. What are we even paying our patrolmen for?

Good for them, I guess.

I'm sure that omen is just what everyone wanted to see right now.

What are our goals for this year?