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Part 237: Marriage Matters

Why are these guys raiding us? Oh well, maybe they got bored.

How nice of the game to give our Heroic magician a chance to use his magic on our foes.

Free horses for us!

Then the Vostangi show up and kick our asses despite us outnumbering them. Damn them. They ransom the captives back for a total of 25 cows, which I take because clan mood doesn't need to get any worse than it already is.

And as much as I wanted to look at our nobles(specifically to see if we had any women who weren't pushing 50), the game pops up a new-to-me event before I can.

Oranda, the ranking Uralda priestess of the Orlmarth clan, wants to marry one of your men, the melancholy weaponthane Gordangar. She offers the clan a gift of fifty cows in addition to the dowry paid to his family, so that he will come to live with her clan. But Gordangar has made his unwillingness to marry her clear. He says that he loves another: the beautiful young Valensta of the Vostang clan.

-Conduct a divination.
-Convince him to marry her.
-Order him to marry her.
-Refuse the match.
-Convince Valensta to renounce him.

(is still recovering from taking a flaming arrow to the gut)
Usually the woman moves to the clan of her new husband, but Oranda says the Orlmarthi can't spare her. It is irregular, but not illegal.
The weaponthanes feel sorry for Gordangar. They don't want us to force him to marry the old cow woman.
The carls want those fifty cows.
You can't be a good trader without a thorough understanding of the human heart. I'll talk to Valensta, and clear the way for a prosperous marriage.
Oranda's child need a father. (Barngradus is so firm in this belief that he wants us to force the marriage instead of merely convincing Gordangar to go through with it.)
Our relations with the Orlmarthi are already good, but if this marriage takes place, it will forge a formal alliance between our clans.

Heroquest voting is still going on, so refer to the previous update to see what quests we can do and who our young nobles are. Current voting looks like this:
Strengthen Loricon on Chalana's quest 4
Have Penterest do Elmal's quest to ward off Chaos 1
Strengthen Penterest with The Making of the Storm Tribe 1
Strengthen Penterest with Elmal's quest 2
Get back Humakt's Sword by Humakt's quest again 1