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Part 239: Horse Spawn Cops

I like to imagine the conversation went something like this.
"Ostlana, the Orlundi's plow is nice and all, but do you really think these guys can get it?" "Of course!" "You do know that they're well-known in Dragon Pass as the Worst Luck Ever clan, right?" "They can try anyway!" " Take a normal bride price and be done with it, please."

I send Koreng away to train his bargaining a bit by getting us some more goods. We can't really afford to have Jarolor away since we'll be heroquesting soon.

Thanes of the enemy people you know as the Horse-Spawn come looking for the warriors of their kind you took in a few seasons ago. In Tradetalk, they say, "Not blame you. They bad people, hurt our laws. We take them back, no blame to you."

-Attack them.
-Deny that the warriors are present.
-Hand over the warriors.
-Offer gifts to the Horse-Spawn thanes, so they will stop pursuing the warriors. (How many goods/cows?)
-Refuse to hand over the warriors.

Our weaponthanes have learned to respect the visiting Horse-Spawn warriors. They would be upset if we turned them over to their enemies.
We gave the warriors hospitality, and now owe them at least some degree of protection. We don't have to fight for them, but we shouldn't betray them, either.
The Horse-Spawn are among our deadliest foes. Even a few of them can be extremely dangerous.
Horse-Spawn are known for their deadly, magical powers.
They do not value cows as we do; we should offer goods instead. Give them at least five cows' worth.
The Horse-Spawn warriors we took in are not entitled to the same privileges we would grant our own people. We are not obliged to protect them. (He's so cute with his so-low-it's-not-listed Custom score. )
They do not value cows as we do; we should offer goods instead. Give them at least ten cows' worth.