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Part 241: Wedding

No magic from this, so our ancestors didn't care one way or the other. It's still a free weaponthane!

Holy shit, the chain of events just won't stop; the season hasn't even changed yet!

You host a wedding banquet for the marriage of the high-ranking young warrior Rangoron to Ostlana, a virtuous young maiden from the Orlmarthi. You are welcoming Ostlana into your clan, and celebrating the original wedding of Orlanth and Ernalda.

-Compose a poem in honor of the Orlmarthi.
-Compose a poem in honor of Orlmarthi carls.
-Compose a poem in honor of Orlmarthi warriors.
-Give gifts to the Orlmarthi. (how many cows/goods?)
-Give blessings to the Orlmarthi.

Our relations with the bride's clan aren't as good as they should be. (and Jorator thinks the solution to this is gifts!)
At the wedding of Leibarth and Olfreda, Errarth, the tragic king, toasted the spirits of each of his ancestors, save one.
The warriors are already proud, as Orlanthi should be. They need no pampering.
The carls are very unhappy. This is a good time to pay tribute to them, when there is little risk of causing further offense.
Give them thirty cows!
They will return our blessings, and give us great luck.