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Part 242: Chalana Arroy Heals the Scars 1

My favorite votes this time were the ones who wanted a poem without specifying which poem. Real helpful, guys. Maybe next time we have a quest to do you can vote for "one of the quests that boosts a noble's stats" or "one where we can get a treasure."

Damn that's a lot of goods.

It's finally heroquest time! Loricon will be doing Chalana Arroy Heals the Scars to boost his stats.

The tribe sends 82 worshippers to help, and the art gives us a reminder that Chalana Arroy's symbol is meant to represent bandages. Thanks, art!

Loricon arrives in a strange place, a shattered palace full of wounded foreigners. "Chalana-who-calms!" they cry. "At last! You are here! The evil storm barbarians have not only slain glorious Yelm; they wounded many of us. They killed others with this new weapon of theirs. We wounded and killed some of them too, but we need help if we are to survive."

-Go to heal the wounded Storm People.
-Heal them, then go to heal the Storm People.
-Heal them.
-"I am not one of you. I am an Orlanthi!"
-Leave the realm of the gods.

The legends may be slightly useful here.