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Part 244: Chalana Arroy Heals the Scars 3

Scrree posted:

I love how easy it is to make physical justifications for Ornlanti mythology.
'Chaos is disorder. Unruly bulls are enemies of disorder because...they...smash it? Fuck it, let's have some of the seven known drinks.'

Okay, it works better for things that aren't chaos or Storm Bull.

We have inadvertently done something to honor the story of our patron god in a heroquest. Our goon ancestors must be looking down on us with shame. Also, I love how foreignness is apparently a disease that can be cured. Chalana Arroy can heal anything.

Loricon heals many storm people, but then Orlanth, reeking of blood and shaking with the madness of the battlefield, makes to attack him. "You claim that you are one of us, but once wore the garb of the enemy. Even worse, you have healed the enemy, so he can get back up and fight us again. You should not heal us if you also heal the foe. You should die, so we can finish killing them!"

Heal his need to fight.
Heal his wounded judgement.
"Kill me if you must; I will heal myself."
"Kill me if you must; I will not be deterred."
Leave the realm of the gods.

The legends are still useless here, and we have more than one thing we can heal! Good luck! Also, fun and now-irrelevant fact! You can skip the Elmal step if you succeed at the "I AM AN ORLANTHI " option at the start of the quest.