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Part 245: Chalana Arroy Heals the Scars 4

Ignore the technicolor dialog box. The VM is sometimes weird like that when I start it back up, and it goes away after doing just about anything(but in this case I had to screenshot it like that or else I wouldn't have a screenshot at all).

After a long time of peace, the Unholy Trio appear in the world. They cause trouble at Orlanth's court, disturbing the people and demanding special privileges. Orlanth's brother, Kolat, argues with them, and the goddess called Malia uses her terrible gift, the scar of disease, to make Kolat unwell.

-Have Elmal fight Malia while Loricon heals Kolat.
-Fight Malia.
-Heal Kolat.
-Learn the secret of fighting without hurting.
-Leave the realm of the gods.

The legends may be useful for a change.