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Part 246: Chalana Arroy Heals the Scars 5

The Unholy Trio creates the Devil and embroils the world in war. Storm Bull decides to kill all of them, starting with his brother, Ragnaglar, who he says is the worst of the betrayers. The two of them fight at the Shrieking Falls. Urox wounds Ragnaglar and is ready to deliver the killing blow.

-Loricon throws himself between the two combatants.
-Learn the secret of winning without making the other person lose.
-Leave the realm of the gods.
-Let him kill Ragnaglar.
-"I can't heal Chaos if you destroy it."
-"I love all things, even Chaos."
-"To kill Ragnaglar will bring kinstrife, and make the Darkness worse."

The legends may be useful here.