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Part 248: Husband Woes Again

Loricon returns to the land of mortals, his quest a successful one. Loricon became wiser, and his magic was strengthened.

Awesome, let's see what his stats are like now!

...he has a long way to go before he can be a good replacement magician. It looks like this quest bumped up his Magic, Bargaining, and Custom a rank.

I also notice something adorable from Barngradus.

I finally expand our shrine to Orlanth so that we can get both Lightning and Rain. But before I can make sure that the new temple's second blessing is set to lightning, we get raided by Tusk Riders!

Alarandra is the pharaoh-hater we adopted, if you recall.

I finally get the chance to rebuild the Watch Tower after the Horse-Spawn burnt it down (again) in Sea.

Blah blah too many husbands have died lately blah.

-Marry surviving bachelors.
-"Be patient, this happens every 5 years and we've been just fine."
-Let the ladies form joint households.
-Send Jarolor to miss Sacred Time by fetching kinsmen from the Holy Country.
-Marriage contest!
-Pick one of the above, but it'll now be the default option every time this event pops up since we seem to be cursed to get it regularly.