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Part 25: Dwarves 2

The Mostali arn't quite that simple (what is?).

The first important thing to note, is that Mostali don't use technology in the way we'd recognise it. Their machinery is divine, their cannons work because of the cult behind it, their disorder kegs (gunpowder) require magic to function.

They see the world in a similar way to the wizards of the west, and the Mostali claim the first Wizard, Zzabur, was in fact a part of the World Machine that broke away and stole secrets.
In this instance, they see the runes that make up existance as part of the World Machine, which they will claim firmly is NOT a god. And the God Learner stories about Mostal and Stone are fanciful nonsense.

One of the central tenants about Dwarf philosophy is that there is no afterlife. Once a Dwarf dies, it no longer exists. This is why immortality is so important. They however, do recognise advancement. A dwarf who does his job well, doesn't give into malfunction, perfects his body, mind and essense, will eventually become what is known as a "Diamondwarf". This is much like the rank of a windlord of Orlanth, and means a Dwarf as become as powerful as the True Mostali of the godtime (not that they view time like that).

Also, not all Dwarves try to keep technology out of human hands. This is because Dwarves have a huge difference of opinion on some things between settlements, or even individuals.
Dwarves often are members of one of the following malfunctions (most people would call them heresies):

Individualism: Each Dwarf should be free to choose its own role in repairing the World Machine. This is regarded as foolish, and harms the repair of the World Machine by not fulfilling your assigned role.

Octamonism: They view the creation of Iron, Diamond and Clay to have been errors. And so they seek isolation from the outside world, to try and work only in the roles of the original 8 Mostali types. They are regarded as harming the World Machine by halting progress.

Vegetarianism: Usually only found far to the south of the great ocean, where it is common. These dwarves belive that growth is not inherantly evil or harmful, and actually keep gardens and grow their own food.

Openhandism: This malfunction is often the one most blamed for disaster, pointing at Openhandist influence in the First Council (which created Nysalor), and the stolen secrets used to make Zistor.
The foundation of Openhandism is that the other races (especially humanity) can help in the repair of the world machine, these Dwarves will trade with humans, and even ally withthem (such as when they joined with the Heortlings and Orlanth to destroy the abomination Zistor).
The Dwarves near Dragon Pass are actually openhandists, led by Isidilian, one of the few remaining Quicksilver True Mostali in existance, who also supports Indiviualism.

Note, that these four malfunctions do not make a Dwarf Mortal, as they are still working to restore the World Machine, and only abandoning the path of Mostal will make one susceptible to Death.