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Part 251: Duck Rustlers

No message for this, but Harvar is greyed out now, we're down to 5 weaponthanes, and our neighbors immediately sense our weakness.

Clearly, your neighbors have discovered that you've sent many of your warriors off to war. A team of ducks, taking advantage of your temporary weakness, has stolen cows from your herds over a period of several nights.

Those good at seeing numbers and doing math with them will see that the ducks have stolen an entire three cows.

-Demand satisfaction from the duck chieftain.
-Persuade the carls that any losses now will be offset by loot from the war.
-Promise the carls you'll raid the ducks when the warriors get back.
-Send a war party to frighten the rustlers.
-Send a war party to kill the rustlers.

The carls are discontented now, but they've forgotten how many cows Illator has promised us.
It is never a good time to be robbed, but our herds are large, so things could be worse.
It is no use negotiating with thieves. But the duck chieftain may have something to offer us.