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Part 252: Exploration Time

We got our three cows back, plus an entire 1 Good in compensation. Also, their chief is named Purefeather. I'm not sure whether that's a hippy name or an awesome one.

Someone was asking about our second-best combat guy, and it turns out that the only guys better than Elmalandti would duplicate gods we already have on the ring. Actually, pretty much the only person we could put on the ring to replace Harvar is Loricon, unless we decided not to give a shit about having 7 gods on the ring. (We should give a shit since diversity means no magic penalities each year, and more success at heroquesting)

We can only get a mere 10 weaponthanes now? Lame.

Sarotar gets to go west so that he can't pop any of his terrible combat events during Fire season.

Who doesn't love good ale? Why is that even a personality trait?

Another event we've seen before. Blah blah "my wife interrupted my duel by whacking me in the head with a big branch" blah.

-"Your wife had your best interests at heart."
-Duel again!
-Scold the wife.
-Scold the husband.
-"This is not a matter for the ring."

Also, who should replace Harvar while he's off at war? Greyed-out nobles count as not having a noble at all for Sacred Time/questing purposes, and he could be gone for quite a while, so a replacement seems like a good idea.

-Varmand. We need the best war leader on the ring while Harvar is gone!
-Loricon. We need 7 different gods on the ring, and he's the only one who can fill that role!
-Some other young noble, for mysterious reasons I will hopefully explain when I vote for them!
-Keep Harvar there. I am afraid of change!

(and no, I'm not replacing the entire damned ring. We don't have a wide enough variety of gods and skills in our young guys to replace the entire ring with them - you can see that in the list at the end of this post. At most, we could replace three people(including Harvar). The young guys get boosts from Heroism whether they're on the ring or not, and the stat boosts from being on the ring take a long time to amount to anything, so there's no good reason to put them all on the ring right now.)

Dauntasa has helpfully pointed out that our guys are going to be gone for a year and a half at most. That's not really worth spending a turn taking Harvar off and spending another turn to put him back on later. Now maybe you guys will actually vote for the event at hand.