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Part 253: Horse-Spawn Camp

By popular demand, future repeat events(other than ones where our response is heavily dependant on current circumstances) will be dealt with without voting so we can get on with things already.

It's fire season, and we desperately need more weaponthanes. I'd like to get more horses so we can get more than a few at a time, but I'd also like to stand a chance against incoming raids while our trader is out.

Although not even the few I could hire right away were enough. Time to make use of our magic stockpile, murderklanth, and liberal sacrifices to the war gods!

Casualities were roughly equal on both sides, but in the end, our shit got taken from us.

I've already used three turns this year just staying on the weaponthane treadmill. Jesus christ.

An exploration party returns to report that they've seen members of your clan who were taken by the Horse-Spawn. They escaped detection by the horse nomads, and know how to get back to the particular Horse-Spawn encampment where your people are kept as thralls.

-Hire warriors from other clans to rescue your clan members.
-Send a rescue party for your clan members.
-Send a rescue party to free all thralls in the Horse-Spawn settlement.
-Tell the clan that you can't risk losing any more people.
-"We will rescue them when we are stronger."

Other clans will feel obligated to us if we free their people from the Horse-Spawn.
We are known for our good judgment. (I hate to interrupt his advice, but fucking WHAT? How did this happen?!) The people will comply with our decision here, even if they do not like what we propose.
We can afford to pay someone else to do this for us.
No outside warrior will risk his life for less than three cows.
In Airvant's Saga, Airvant resists pressure to fight a superior foe, while his former wife leads his clan to destruction.
Our clan magic is strong. It will give us an advantage against the Horse-Spawn, who have strange and powerful magics of their own.