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Part 254: Raiding Season

More is better, even if the cost stings a bit. But we're doing fairly well cow/goods wise, so we can afford it.

Or the fuckers can just refuse to help us in the first place.

I have no idea who the fuck these guys are, so CHARGE!

Take that, random clan!

Then the accursed Vostangi show up.

Jorator's not half-bad as far as temporary warleaders go.

I love the soothing sight of Vostang blood watering our fields. Don't you?

Oxen-Jarang of the Wildcats came over asking for our help in a raid against the Vostangi. Yadda yadda we owe them a favor yadda yadda.

-Sacrifice to a war god of Jarang's choice.
-Decline for some bizarre reason.
-Send a full war party.
-Send a token force.

I suspect I know how the voting is going to go, but this is a circumstance-dependant event, and we're not exactly bursting with warriors, so sacrificing might be a legitimate alternative this time around.

Ring advice is mostly the same as it's been in past "help us raid some dudes" events, but our farmers are more bloodthirsty than normal:

Oxen-Jarang does us the favor of attacking our enemies.
The Vostang are going to be sorry they chose to feud with us.