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Part 255: Horse-Spawn Round 2

Byzantine posted:

So did we just give up on rescuing our people? That kinda seems like an event that should let you try another option if mercenaries doesn't work out.
Funny story about that at the end of this update...

We lost five weaponthanes from this!

On the bright side, we captured enough horses last time that I can get off the weaponthane treadmill.

I go to set things up for treasure trading, and notice we have a new Issaries worshipper! She's even one of the elusive female Issaries devotees! Unfortunately, she's not very good at trading(she's dead last in the list of nobles under the "Bargaining" tab), but she'd make a solid Magic noble.

Anyway, I send Koreng out to see what we can get from the Six Brothers. I have him take Splendorbread with him because I've noticed that it's never giving us magic at harvest time. Seriously, check previous years if you want. The magic never goes up at any point during Earth, nor in the transition from Earth to Dark.

Your first attempt to raise an outside force of warriors failed. The people of your clan still want you to do something to rescue their enthralled kinfolk.

-Try hiring warriors again.
-Send a rescue party for our clan members.
-Send a rescue party to free ALL the Horse-Spawn's thralls.
-"We're pussies and can't risk losing any more people."
-"We'll rescue them when we're stronger. Promise."

And here's all the ring advice that's not the same as last time:

The Horse-Spawn deserve to lose all their thralls. Even our foes will admire us, if we can rescue everyone.
Our decisions have proven right before. The people will comply with our decision here, even if they do not like what we propose.
The Horse-Spawn are perhaps our most dangerous foes.
The people are understandably upset - but raiding right now will mean neglecting our fields and that will mean a hungry year for us all.