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Part 256: Carl-Cottar Quarrel

Samuel posted:

Second I'd like you to choose KILL AS MANY AS POSSIBLE, abit more in battle to see if it works out. Drive them off generally tends to fail and cost more I think.
I think you have that backwards. Drive them off works best, assuming you don't have treasures like Humakt's Sword(which we don't have anymore) boosting the "kill them all" option. Killing as many as possible also pisses off the other clan; that doesn't really matter when a feuding clan hits us, but when it's just random clans taking advantage of the fact that we're weak, it's not really worth it.

Varmand finally has a chance to put his solid combat skills to use.

Then I take Trihugger's advice and send a small group to stealth it up.

It works. We lost our last point of magic, but making a bunch of other clans like us more is worth it. We also rescued a whopping 7 people from our own clan.

Dark season hits. With not much else to do, I build a shrine to Lhankor Mhy. All of his blessings are incredibly useful, so a shrine to him is well overdue.

The carls and the cottars are fighting. The carls complain that the cottars are herding sheep onto their grazing lands. The cottars complain that the carls expect them to feed their sheep on nothing but rocks and sand.

-Compose a poem about harmony between carls and cottars.
-Let them argue.
-Sacrifice to Uralda, the Cow Mother, and Nevala, the Sheep Mother.
-Scold the carls.
-Scold the cottars.

Sheep and cattle graze differently, on different kinds of land. There is no real reason to fight.
An inspiring poem might calm their ruffled feathers.
The carls have been mistreating the cottars.
This problem will continue to vex us if we do not deal with it properly.
Distribution of land is the clan ring's responsibility.
A sacrifice to their respective goddesses might cheer them up, if the sacrifices are equally divided.