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Part 257: Treasure Time

Cows and sheep are both
Excellent herd animals
Please stop fighting, guys

I'm going to assume the poem that convinced them was more eloquent than my shitty little haiku.

Koreng finally got to the Six Brother's tula to do some treasure shopping. They're offering the Flesh Man, which is described as "a strange little puppet that helps Chalana Arroy resurrect the dead." Before you get too excited, bear in mind that the game is very picky about when it will let you resurrect a noble. Nobles that die outside of the tula can't be revived, nor ones that die of old age, nor ones that died too long ago, nor ones that the game just doesn't let you resurrect for one reason or another. That said, it's still a treasure!

-Buy the Flesh Man. (offer how many cows/goods?)
-Decline the trade.
-Offer to exchange the Splendorbread for the Flesh Man.
-Sell the Splendorbread. (note: If what someone posted a while ago was true, this isn't as defective as I thought - it counts as if we added to our crop magic at sacred time instead of giving us actual magic when Earth rolls around. What a misleading treasure description!)